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There is a good reason why the Sun Temple situated in a small south Indian town of Konark is declared a world heritage site UNESCO. Intricately cut and shaped stones of the temple depicting the erotic Kama sutra stories on the walls with black stone tomb adorned on its head make you wonder how advanced ancient India was. Built by the regal Ganga dynasty near the 10th century, this ancient Indian temple was built to resemble the chariot of sun god. The sculpture of the temple will make you ponder over its each detail as the chariot is a symbol of time itself. Each wheel is a till date accurate sundial and the majestic 7 horses depict seven week days. Our tour guides included in our Konark temple tours will help you decode the symbolical aspect of this temple in a very scientific manner. A museum is followed by the temple itself which further elaborates how the temple was built and how with age time and civilizations it changed and slowly got ruined . Remains from Ganga Dynasty, excavated from various sites in Konark are preserved in the museum. Interestingly the whole city of Konark is filled with ancient and artistic marvels that will make you realize that why ancient India was called ‘Sparrow of Gold”.

Sun Temple India Tour

Often touted as the emblem of rich Indian heritage and architectural marvel of East India, The majestic Sun temple of Konark is an abode to Sun god built in 13th century by the ancient Ganga Dynasty. Standing tall in all its magnificence, the very sight of this temple will take you to the nostalgia trip of those pictures that you have seen in those history books. If you look closely, every aspect of the sculpture has a mythological allegory to it. The sun chariot with its wheels represents various sun dials and the large 7 horses represent the seven week days, which is indeed a site to behold! Situated very close to it is the lovely Konark museum that holds the remains from 10th to 13th century. To satiate the inner history buff in you, get hold of our Konark Sun temple tour packages and delve in the splendour of regal ancient India.

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