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Located 101 kms away from the city of Kolkata is a World Heritage Site that showcases one of world’s natural wonders, the great Sundarban forest. The forest is so humongous and outstretched that it has 3 wildlife sanctuaries and a border dividing two countries namely India and Bangladesh within it. As the whole forest contains salty water, the forest is the largest block of tidal halophytic mangrove in the world! Unlike other national parks, Sundarban National Park doesn’t offer an elephant ride but a boat cruise where one can witness the picturesque waterways, canals and creeks with graceful Bengal tigers treading their way. In addition to that, the park has a bird sanctuary within itself which holds nearly 200 species of birds that makes it a paradise for bird watchers too. Another attraction is the annual Makar Sankranti Mela in January near Gangasagar that will add a topping of spiritual ecstasy to your wild trip. The best time to visit the place will be from September to March. Make your trip to the Sundarban National Park with our Sundarban National Park tour packages.

Sundarbans national park tour packages

Thinking of adding another name to your wildlife tour travel diaries? Sundarbans in West Bengal, India is one place which definitely deserves your attention. Stretched across a land of 10,000 sq kms, the whole Sundarban forest is divided into two parts, one that comes under Indian borders and another that falls in Bangladesh. Being the largest mangrove forest in the world, the forest holds 200 species of flora and fauna and of course not to forget, the majestic Bengal tigers! The untamed but exuberant forest holds Sundarbans Tiger Reserve, waterways, canals and creeks which obviously makes it a photographer’s dream destination. If you are one who likes to go ‘into the wild’ then make your trip to the Sundarbans National Park with our Sundarban National Park tour package.

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