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India is a country which envelops some vast and exotic ecosystems in its womb and one such fertile ecosystem is the lush-dense Sunderban forests of West-Bengal. The forest is one of the largest estuarine forests in the country that is thickly covered with Mangrove forests. Along with numerous River Ganges tributaries, this fertile delta region constitutes like 54 small islands that are formed due to the criss-crossing of small rivers. Sundarban Park’s actual entrance starts from Sajnekhali island, which comprises of watchtower complex, museum, mangrove interpretation center, turtle farm, crocodile enclosure, and head office of the Forest Department. Our travel packages to Sunderbans also including a visit to Sajnekhali Wildlife Sanctuary, which is a major part of the park's buffer zone. Apart from Sajnekhali Wildlife Sanctuary, Sundarbans has two other wildlife sanctuaries that are located at Lothian Island and Haliday Island. The road goes up to Godkhali (around two and a half hours drive from Kolkata), which is known as the gateway to the Sundarbans. The Sundarbans National Park sits within the larger Sundarbans Tiger Reserve, which was created in 1973. Not only tigers, the park is full of reptiles, birds, and many other exotic wild animals. Through our exclusive tour packages to Sunderbans, we aim to take you to a lifetime journey that walks you through lush-green woods, invigorating trail of Ganga that are surrounded by the highly sensational mangroves. We at Bestway2India will walk you through a soul-stirring journey that we seldom take in the dense jungles. Experience wilderness, like you have never been before.

Travel packages to sundarbans

Sundarbans National Park is an impressive catch of dense mangrove jungle, which also happens to be the only one of its kind in the entire world. What also makes it more unique is that it's the only mangrove jungle in the world to have tigers, popularly known as the Royal Bengal Tigers. Through our Sunderban Travel Packages we take you to an intense journey of exploring wildlife and witness it in all its colours. The famed Do Ban Ki Watch Tower renders canopy walk that a tourist can take to view the riveting flora and fauna. This canopy walk is at an elevation of 20 feet from the ground, which is lovely in its own way. Apart from tigers, tourists also get to view other variety of animals. Boasting around 55 species of reptiles, 250 species of birds and 58 species of mammals, a trip to sunderbans will make you realize that it is only when you deeply connected with nature, you experience true joy. Availing a boat is best prescribed to traverse Sundarbans.

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