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Forming a part of Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve, valley of flowers was declared a national park in 1982 and a UNESCO world heritage site in the year 2004. Showcasing the beauty of Himalayas in all its glory, the blushing bridal beauty of the Valley of Flowers is hard to behold in one single look. It is a place where you come relax, regenerate, and ponder about the meaning of life. From Govindghat, take up the trail dotted with several picturesque sites that you will hold dear to your heart as you pass through them. Do not forget to take your DSLR along as you’ll witness sites you cannot miss to capture for forever. Hemkunt sahib is one Sikh pilgrimage what will be falling on the way to the valley. According to the local legends, the pound in Gurudwara is believed to hold healing powers. The national park also possesses some of the rarest and breathtakingly beautiful variety of flora and fauna which attracts botanists and zoologists from all over the world. Alpine flowers keep on changing their color all through the year which is also one rare phenomenon. The months of June and July will be the best time to visit the site as the flowers particularly bloom during these months.

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Almost 300 Kms away from the charismatic small town of Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, a marvel of nature in Chamoli district (Uttarakhand) holds the most beautiful sites that you will ever witness in your life. This nature’s wonder is popularly known as “the valley of flowers”. The mountain tops kissing the creamy and cloudy skies with alpine flowers in her lap was a site first founded by two British travelers as they lost their way! Good for the world as this place became inspiration for poets and site of researchers all over the world to come and explore the aura and beauty of this place. With an altitude of 15,200 feet, the trek to valley of flowers is 5 day long but for a trek lover, this one is going to be once in a lifetime experience. The picturesque Himalayas will give you perfect opportunity to click some memorable snapshots that you will cherish for life. Take a trip to this bounty of beauty with our valley of flowers tour packages

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